Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well...the time has finally come!!!  I know it's been forever since I've posted, but I guess I have a pretty good reason.  I've been super busy being pregnant and preparing for our new baby girl.  I put the finishing touches on the nursery today which is perfect timing since I have a scheduled c-section tomorrow morning.  Yay!

After all the work we've been doing over the last 9 months I thought I would share my "Modern Bliss" nursery with you.  I had so much fun designing and creating all the fun stuff with my fabric...

I really love how the colors turned out.  I knew I wanted to use the Brights palette of my "Modern Bliss" collection but I didn't want the entire room to be pink.  I decided on pale aqua for the walls and I love it.  The hot pinks and oranges really pop.

Here is my little corner where I'll feed her and read her bed time stories etc.  The wicker chair was handed down from my mom.  I made the cushion cover with the Floral Ditzy print from my "Modern Bliss" collection.  I covered the Ikea cube ottoman with my Floral print  and the lamp shade is covered with my Chevron print.  The frame on the wall is framing the little dress that my mom brought my sister and I home from the hospital in when we were born.  I will be bringing baby Elle home in that same dress.

Here is a closer look at the chair and you can see the boppy on the floor in the background that I covered with my Chevron print.

Here is a closer look at the frame with the dress.  This was a black plastic frame from Ikea that we spray painted white and hung without the glass.

One my favorite parts of the room - my wall of artwork.  I found some amazing art prints on Etsy (2 of which are from my extremely talented friend Aimee Sicuro - check out her Etsy shop called 'weathergirlshop' - she's amazing) 

Here is the changing table with a pad cover made from my Floral Ditzy fabric.  I found the vintage doilies and the vintage handkerchief on Etsy and made bunting for the wall.  Above that is an applique of giraffes that I made out of my fabric.

I made a fun wall with embroidery hoops framing my fabric and some tiny birdhouses and butterflies.  I also covered an old dress form with my black and white diamonds print from my "Modern Bliss" collection.

Another one of my favorite things in the room is the pillow that I made for the back of the trunk/bench.  I had to have some fashion things in the room since I am a fashion designer after all and thought this play on words was fitting.  :)

This is for sure my favorite!!!  This was quite the project (just ask my husband).  Hanging and figuring out the layout of the pom-poms and lanterns was pretty tricky and so was making the butterfly mobile, but it turned out too cute.  I love it and I hope baby Elle does too!!


  1. Simply gorgeous! I love it! You are so creative and the colors work so well together. You are simply amazing, Andie! And congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter! Colleen Gross-Advani

  2. Evie shared your blog with me & I'm so glad she did! What a visual treat you have prepared for the baby...I'm jealous! Look forward to working with you Andie.

  3. I agree with Diana and Evie ... WOW!!