Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello, Strangers!  I figured it's about time I post since it's been so long.  I promise I had every intention of posting much more often, but life happens.  I feel bad for disappearing but I do think I have pretty good excuse.  The fact is, I wasn't really feeling very well for awhile.  "Why?" you ask.  Well...

It's because of this little peanut!  I'm guessing many of you can relate.  Thankfully, I am now officially in my 2nd trimester and feeling much more human now.  I'm getting back into the swing of things now and working on some fun stuff.

While I was "out", a lot of other exciting things have been happening.  One of the most exciting things was being highlighted in the latest issue of MOYO magazine.  For those of you who are not familiar, MOYO is a digital publication all about surface design and it's fabulous!  It's very inspirational and informative.  Amy Butler is featured in this issue - she's amazing!

Speaking of magazines and publications, another really fun thing that happened recently is I started seeing ads for my "Modern Bliss" collection.  I've seen a few online on some sewing and fabric blogs, but a few weeks ago I actually found a print ad in the Spring 2013 issue of 'Quilts And More" magazine by Better Homes and Gardens.  

I was out shopping with my Mom at JoAnn and we were looking through some of the magazines and "Whoa!" she stumbled across this ad:

We were so excited we both screamed in the middle of the JoAnn store!   YAY!  Of course, we had to purchase several of them!  I'm guessing there might be others, but I haven't seen them yet.  If anyone sees any, please let me know!

Another really fun thing that happened was the installation of my photo mural at the local Houlihan's restaurant.  I mentioned this in a previous post, and now the piece is fully installed and the restaurant is open.  This one is in Upper Arlington, Ohio but there are several more Houlihan's restaurants across the country with this same piece.  It's printed on aluminum which is really cool, but they are also experimenting with printing it on the backside of plexi glass which could be amazing!

This was such a fun project to work on, since I'm also very passionate about photography.  This was the first time I've created a collage of layered photos and drawings and I love doing it!  I think I might have a new addiction.

Another thing that's been going on is the preparation for my Trunk Show at Sew To Speak, here in Columbus.  The dates of the trunk show have changed.  It will now be held the week of June 1st.  If you're local, stop in and check it out.  Sew To Speak is a great shop with lots of fantastic fabrics, patterns and books etc.

Since my debut collection "Modern Bliss" is now officially in stores and I've had many people asking "Where can I purchase it?" I do have a small list of online retailers that carry portions of my collection.  There are 3 color stories to choose from and they all carry different combinations of the prints/color stories.  I don't have a list of brick and mortar stores that carry it, but ask your local shop and maybe they'll order it if they don't already have it.  Here is the list of online retailers:

Lastly, since I can't debut my "Modern Bliss" collection without a fun give away....  Here it is!  I have 3 fat quarter bundles of my "Modern Bliss" collection (1 in each color story).  That means, there is enough for 3 lucky winners!
Brights color story
Caribbean color story
Vintage color story

Enter to win by posting a comment.  I will pull random numbers for all three fat quarter bundles.  (color stories will be chosen at random as well)  The winners will be announced on Friday, May 3rd so get your comments in before then.  Yay!  Good to luck to everyone!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


After having disappeared for awhile, I have a quick update for you all and then I will post some fun pics and info later this week.  First of all, if you live in Columbus and want to stop in to Sew To Speak during my trunk show, please note that the dates have changed.  Unfortunately, they were unable to get all the fabric in store on time for the original April 6th-12th dates.  (which might be a good thing if RK had to re-order my fabric - not sure)  The new date will most likely be in the beginning of July, but I will keep you posted.
The other quick update that I wanted to share was that I will be having my first give-away soon.  I will be giving away 3 fat quarter bundles of my 'Modern Bliss' collection.  1 in each color palette.  I will formally post all of the info soon.