Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm so excited!!!  Look what showed up on my doorstep 2 days ago! 

It's samples of my new fabric collection "Modern Bliss" - all 22 combos!  It's like Christmas came early!  I have so many fun ideas of what I can make with it.  

And look!!!  It's my selvedge!  For real!  I'm seeing it for the first time on actual fabric.  Yay!!!  Someone pinch me please!  This is crazy!  Don't you just love the butterfly icons!?

Also, now that the bulk fabric is ready, that means the Robert Kaufman sales reps will have it in their hands soon and can start selling it to fabric stores.  Look for it in your local fabric shop starting around March/April.  (If they don't have it - ask for it and maybe they'll get it)

Here's a better look at the 3 color palettes.

I can't wait to start seeing it in stores!  I wonder which color palette will be the most popular...

Now I just need to work on sewing patterns to go with my collection.  I've been super busy working on concepts for that as well as creating 7 more print collections for next Fall/Holiday.  I can't wait to share them with everyone!

Happy Holidays!!